New Head Coach Kitchens Taps Monken, Wilks as Coordinators

New Cleveland Browns Head Coach Freddie Kitchens is wasting no time coaching up his staff. He’s even getting on the poor social media intern who filmed this video. He’s also wasting no time hiring his assistants.

As reported on, Kitchens has hired Todd Monken as Offensive Coordinator and Steve Wilks as Defensive Coordinator.

Monken is making a lateral move, coming over from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the wake of The Bucs firing Dirk Koetter. While at Tampa Bay, Monken was the OC during, arguably, QB Jameis Winston’s best offensive seasons (2016-19). Those years, The Bucs led the league in passing yards per game (320.3), and finished third in yards per game (415.5). As The Bucs’ Wide Receivers Coach, Monken helped Mike Evans have his best statistical year, with 1,524 yards and 86 catches. These statistics were probably not lost on Kitchens, who is himself guiding a first-round QB in Baker Mayfield. Kitchens has the young QB’s trust and loyalty; now, in Monken, Kitchens might have the data to back Mayfield up.

Steve Wilks, who some feel was preemptively and unjustly fired by The Arizona Cardinals, joins The Browns as the new Defensive Coordinator. In 2017, as the DC for The Carolina Panthers, he led them to being tied for tenth in the league in points allowed per game.

With youthful hirings being the current trend in The NFL, The Browns and Kitchens seem to be acquiring fresh, new coaches around a young talented core of players. Whether this youth movement will continue the success of last year and permanently change the culture of the team or not will remain to be seen. One thing this youthful regime brings is hope, something in short supply since 1999 in Berea.

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