Three Reasons to Pass on Odell Beckham Jr.

General manager John Dorsey of the Cleveland Browns and New York Giants general manager Dave Gettleman are cut from the same cloth. Both men are old-school staffers who grew up in the NFL administrative system. They know how to do things, they have been for a long time, and they do have a friendly relationship. However, making the rumors of an Odell Beckham Jr. (OBJ) trade to Cleveland come into fruition is unrealistic, even for these two old dogs. As much as Browns wide receiver and default assistant general manager Jarvis Landry wishes it could be so to play along side his best friend, there are three legitimate reasons why the Browns should pass on trading for Odell Beckham Jr.

1.) Rightly so, the Giants will want too much.

Monday morning, long-time Browns reporter Tony Grossi was on The Really Big Show on WKNR 850 ESPN Cleveland radio talking about the possibility of trading for OBJ, and what it would take. Grossi remarked simply that, even though Dorsey and Gettleman “talk all the time and have a great relationship”, Gettleman would definitely want too much. Grossi suggested that the Giants would at least want two number one picks, this year’s seventeenth overall and next year’s pick, along with other considerations. Grossi went on to say that Dorsey would never give more than this year’s pick since Dorsey is too shrewd for that. Grossi also noted that, with the Browns’ questionable picks and deals from the past, there is added pressure to get any deal correct and make it the right deal.

2.) The draft has a competent stock of receivers.

Many pundits predict the Browns will use the seventeenth overall pick in the upcoming draft on a defensive tackle. While no fans will be cancelling their season tickets over this notion, there are some AFC North-type receivers to be had. College teammates A. J. Brown and D.K. Metcalf are the two top pass catchers on the list. Brown may be gone because of his talent alone, but as written about before on this site, Metcalf might be the perfect receiver for this division. While the other receivers in the draft are not going to revolutionize the position, they are truly making waves. Ohio State Buckeye Parris Campbell rocketed up the list by virtue of his performance this past season. Many OSU fans have been singing his praises for years, professing how UNDERrated and UNDERutilized he was in Columbus. If he falls into the Browns’ lap in April, no critic would accuse the Browns of merely pandering to the Ohio fan base by drafting him. Other viable receivers to choose from are Oklahoma’s Marquise Brown (who could rekindle some magic with Baker Mayfield), South Carolina’s Deebo Samuel, and even a player who once topped this list, Arizona State’s N’Keal Harry.

3.) OBJ’s free spirit is too much for a fragile franchise like the Browns to “handle”.

“The Boat”. The French hotel room. Various fines and suspensions.

That is a short list of all the incidents OBJ was involved in NOT related to his contract. The old adage goes: big talent, big headache. Seeing as though the Browns just signed embattled running back Kareem Hunt to a one year deal, the Browns do not necessarily need another potential headache with which to navigate the public relations waters.

Trading for OBJ would definitely be the missing piece to elevate the Browns into the next level of Super Bowl contention. However, the Browns are finally taking legitimate steps to becoming a respectable franchise. Taking on a player like OBJ might be Herculean enough for a franchise like the New England Patriots to absorb, but not the Browns just yet.

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