Hafþór Björnsson breaks his own World Record

The Strongman competition is by far the most popular event at the Arnold Classic and it was very clear why….talk about some Beasts!

Hosted by American Ninja Warrior’s Mike Isman and former WWE Wrestler and World’s strongest man Mark Henry, the event had much of the Expo’s attention from 3:00 p.m. on. Along with those inviting voices you had some of the strongest and most well known men in the world making the show.

Elephant Bar Deadlift, the First of Five events that make the Strongman Competition. Hafthor “Thor” Björnsson defended and topped the World Record of 1,041lbs that he set last year on this same lift. He had great a competitor go toe-to-toe with him though, in Brian Shaw, who attempted 1,051lbs but unfortunately failed to do so.

Hafthor set a new World Record of 1,046lbs with his second lift and made an attempt of 1,124lbs on his third but couldn’t quite get it.

The top Three lifters ended up being

  1. Hafthor Björnsson – 1,046 lbs.
  2. Brian Shaw – 1,021 lbs.
  3. Jerry Pritchett/Mikhail Shivlyakov – 974 lbs.

Björnsson wound up receiving $5,000 on the spot for breaking the world record that he set.