What is MAS-wrestling?

One of the most unique events at the Arnold Classic is a new up and coming sport called MAS-wrestling.

MAS-wrestling is a very unique sport. In fact it is one of the largest growing sports in Russia. The competition is a best of three rounds.

The sport has three different classes for both women and men. Light weight at 60+ kilograms, middleweight at 105+ kilograms and heavyweight at 125+ kilograms .

In MAS-wrestling the wrestler that wins the coin toss chooses the stick hold position which is either internal or external for the first match. The one who chooses the external hold will show his position and has no right to change his position.

In second match the grip is reversed. If a third match is necessary there will be another another coin toss. The stick must be over the board and parallel to it, hands and fingers are not to overlap.

Victory is declared when a contestant manages to pull his opponent over the board and keep the stick in his hands.

The Scoring for MAS Wrestling consists of

  • Win 2-0 and receive 3 bonus points
  • Win 2-1 and receive 2 bonus points
  • Lose 1-2 and receive 1 bonus point

At the Arnold Classic the world championship qualifiers took place. What an exciting sport to watch live!

It definitely is not your typical wrestling. MAS-wrestling is a sit down game where the opponents pull and tug. Don’t be surprised if MAS-wrestling becomes an Olympic Sport in years to come.