Hope for Alonso Making Team Reaches New Heights

Credit: @pistol_pete20 Instagram

NEW YORK, NY – Pete Alonso may be one step closer to playing his first games in Queens after Mets manager Mickey Callaway told reporters Wednesday that the team is considering carrying both Alonso and Dominic Smith on Opening Day.

Alonso faced an uphill battle to make the team at the beginning of Spring Training due to the enticing thought of keeping him for an extra year in exchange for a small amount of time in the minors. Unfortunately for the Mets that decision has become incredibly difficult. Alonso is having an excellent spring, sporting a .360 AVG, .396 OBP and 4 homeruns. Combine that and his impressive minor league stats and you get a terribly difficult decision.

The Mets may now be punting on the service time manipulation, realizing that his bat right now is more important than contract issues later. Callaway spoke about the possibility of both making the team.

“I think that if it makes us have the best team and we’re not doing the player a disservice…we want to make sure that everybody that’s on our roster is one of the best 25 guys,” Callaway said.

Regarding the playing time battle, Callaway said, “I wouldn’t classify it as a platoon situation,” stating that “both of them have shown that they can hit both righties and lefties.”

“I think our main goal would be to put them in the best situation to succeed…keep them both healthy and in the game mentally,” Callaway added.

It is not set in stone but there is much more optimism today about the two making team than at any other time.

Callaway reminded reporters that this is something “we’re still considering at this point. It’s something that we’re still working through.”

It’s difficult to argue that Alonso does not deserve a spot on this team, but service time manipulation is still a huge topic to work through. With one week left before Opening Day we will soon have answers about Alonso’s future, and a few other topics that are still on the Mets agenda.

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