Draft change could be huge for MLB and NCAA Baseball

Credit: @avaughn403 Instagram

Yesterday was the first round of the 2019 MLB Draft and it got me thinking…. It is time for Major League Baseball to wise up and do something that will have numerous positives for not only the league, but for the entire sport itself. Move the MLB Draft.

Earlier in May, West Virginia Baseball coach Randy Mazey made his stance clear and he brought up excellent points.

The College baseball season starts way too early in the year and attendance/profit suffer because of it. It has been talked about for a few years, but the motion to delay the college baseball season hasn’t received a ton of traction. The main reason being the MLB draft; which is hosted at this time every year. Players get drafted and want to join their franchise shortly after. The problem is, the Draft happens right in the middle of the MLB season and during the NCAA Baseball tournament.

Major League Baseball could make a huge move that would benefit them and the NCAA by moving their Draft to after the conclusion of the Winter Meetings. This would allow the NCAA to move the start of the Baseball Season to Mid-April. Doing these two things could be paramount to the revenue of the sport.

America’s National Pastime is suffering greatly and the MLB holds a major key to turning things around. Moving the MLB Draft will make the sport more marketable, interesting, and in turn draw more viewers.

Moving the NCAA season start will make Randy Mazey’s (and college programs) wishes come true, making NCAA Baseball profitable.

The only other issue in the way is the Minor League schedules; a lot of Minor League teams share fields with Universities. But that comes down to scheduling, which should be able to be to get worked around.

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